Table wine, Wine D.O one or Vino de Pago

In today's post we want to continue talking about wine, and this time we want to explain the Classification of Spanish wines.

Esta clasificación se hace en función del grado de protección que tienen los vinos y también por la normativa y el control que deben cumplir. From this classification we highlight six kinds of wines.

Table wine

Table wines are on the lowest rung in protection and requirements, not belong to any D.O. and are not required to specify origin, add or varieties.


They are wines that belong to specific regions, with a growing environmental or features that give these wines true character. Still lower standards that wines with DO.

Quality Wines with Geographical Indication (V.C.)

They are produced wines produced in a region or locality, grapes must have the same origin and production, winemaking and aging are due to that place or its people.

Appellations of Origin in Spain (OD)

In Spain there 69 Appellations of Origin scattered throughout its geography.

Designation of Origin refers basically to a specific area where it occurs and produces wine, and whose characteristics is given by the geographical location. Todas las D.O tienen un Consejo Regulador, which are responsible for defending, normalize, enforce regulations and standards of DO and also economic and social interest generated.

In addition to strict quality standards, if a production area want to access a DO. It must have been recognized at least five years before and region of production of quality wines.

DOCa (D.O.Ca.)

Of all the D.O. is in Spain, only two are Appellations of Origin Qualified: Rioja and Priorat. Is D.O.Ca. must meet a more comprehensive tighter regulation and control that the D:O and its protection level is higher. Further, to access the D.O.Ca., a production region must have been recognized as DO. at least ten years before.

Payment Wines (V.P.)

A payment is a place or rural area with characteristics, or weather and / or soil, different from the environment in which they are. A Vino de Pago is the one produced on farms that are in these areas, extension and production limits according to the Autonomous Region in which they are. If a payment is entirely within the geographical area of ​​a DO. and meets its corresponding regulations, what we call wine Qualified Payment.

All bottles must indicate their official seal label Designation of Origin, this is normally separated at the back of the bottle label.

Remember that this week is Father's Day, and a good gift would be a bottle of wine. Now we know how they rank, What think you like most?.

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