Gazpacho andaluz con Jamón Ibérico

En nuestra entrada de hoy os queremos dar una receta para estos días de calor que estamos pasando este mes de Julio: Gazpacho andaluz con Jamón Ibérico.

El gazpacho es una sopa fría que se hace a base de hortalizas e ingredientes de nuestra dieta mediterránea, es uno de los platos más característicos de la cocina andaluza y española. Actualmente podemos encontrar gazpachos de sandía, melón, cereza… Pero el gazpacho tradicional se hace con tomate, pimiento, pepino, pan, ajo y aceite de oliva.

Y la mejor combinación para un vaso de gazpacho fresquito estos días de verano es el Jamón Ibérico


4 Tomates rojos maduros

1 Pepino
1 onion
1/2 pimiento verde

1/2 pimiento rojo

1 cucharadita de pimentón dulce


Aceite de oliva

2 cloves of garlic

Vinagre (de jerez o manzana según gusto)

Pan duro

150grs Jamón (en lochas o en tacos)


Primero lavamos los tomates, los pepinos y los pimientos y los pasamos por la batidora. Luego añadimos agua fría y el pan duro para espesar si consideramos que se ha quedado muy líquido.

Después añadimos el ajo picado, el pimentón, salt, el aceite y el vinagre.

Una vez tenemos todo bien mezclado en la batidora lo metemos en la nevera a enfriar. Si a la hora de servirlo lo queremos aún más frío le añadimos unos cubitos de hielo.

Un rato antes de servirlo preparamos la guarnición que está compuesta por: tomate, pepino, pimiento y cebolla bien picadillos, los dejamos en un plato para añadirlo al gusto de comensal. También preparamos el jamón que puede en tacos o en lonchas. Estas últimas las podemos dorar en la sartén y reducirlas en virutas para añadirlas al gazpacho.

Disfrutar del fin de semana con un buen vaso de gazpacho fresquito.

Pairing: wine and ham

This week in our blog I've been talking wine. Y hoy queremos terminar el tema del vino hablando del marinaje. But a marriage so our, wine and ham.

These two products are the most prestigious and characteristic of our cuisine. And their union can be amazing when you know combine.

To begin we must say that marriage is the art of harmonizing taste and flavors, ie sensations balance between a good wine and some foods high level. But we must emphasize that there is no exact rule, for each person since the combination of flavors will cause different things.

The first pairing we suggest is: Cordoba marinaje, since it has been found that the wines matched with pure Iberian ham are generous, more specifically the fine and chamomile, always served very cold. Esta buena combinación es debida a que con la frescura y sequedad del vino el sabor del jamón se realza y la degustación es mucho más agradable.

The marinaje of red wine and ham is tradition, although we may think otherwise, two strong and contrasting flavors do not have to be canceled, because they can enhance your palate and qualities whenever you make a good combination.

The red foster maridan well with ham.

The red wines of Reserva and Gran Reserva should always be accompanied by a long curing ham Huelva, Extremadura Guijuelo.

And young red wines freshness make them a good companion of ham, unless these wines are light.

Note that the sweet wine and ham maridan not well, since the two diametrically far flavors.

Today it is also possible to combine the ham with sparkling wine or champagne. As with wine must avoid sweets, because they mask the main qualities of the Iberian. Whenever we decant to accompany the ham with sparkling wine or champagne being dry.

We hope you like our entrance there today, and remember that in our stores have a large warehouse where you will find the best wines to accompany our hams and sausages.

Leg of lamb Iberian and aromas of herbs

The recipe for this week is also dedicated to these foods are close, we believe it is a good dish for Christmas Day:

Leg of lamb Iberian and aromas of herbs


-1 leg of lamb

-200 grs. ham

-Thyme and rosemary

-1 glass of white wine

-1 Lamb cup broth

-salt and black pepper


-olive oil


To start making our plate, first mixed in a mortar or bowl: salt, black pepper, parsley and olive oil, Once we made secluded mix.

Then we cut the ham, a parata cut it into strips or chunks and elsewhere in taquitos.

In a bowl place the lamb leg and make a few cuts, these cuts put the ham cut into strips. The rest of the ham cut into cubes put it over the surface of the leg of lamb.

Once you have placed the leg ham sprinkle with the ready mix, and add the thyme and rosemary. Then also pour the wine and broth of lamb.

When the oven temperature already have, Jan source put the oven first large temperature and once we see that already doing diminish the oven temperature. Leave in oven until we see who has done good meat inside.

Finally we serve the severed leg, and salt it more if we see the need.

We hope you like our new recipe, and that you enjoy holiday meals.

Vegetable Cannelloni with Iberian ham.

This week in our blog will give you another prescription for these days of Christmas.

Every year for San Esteban in Catalonia are prepared in every house cannelloni, and so today I want to give a different cannelloni recipe:

Vegetable Cannelloni with Iberian ham.

Ingredients (to 6 people)

-1 package 12 cannelloni

-300 gr. mushroom

-200 gr. Spinach

-Mascarpone cheese

-grated parmesan cheese and grana padano

-1 leek

-1 onion



-prepared bechamel


-chopped oregano

-virgin olive oil

-100 gr. Iberian ham


To begin our plate first thing we have to do is wash and chop all vegetables, is convenient to do so in very small pieces. We also take and cut the ham into small pieces, almost chopped.

Once we cut to heat a pan with the oil and when it starts to warm add the vegetables and let them fry until well done.

Once done add the vegetables to the pan and sliced ​​ham are, with a spatula to give a few laps. Then add the mascarpone cheese, what makes our taste, and mix everything.

Prepare pasta cannelloni, for this we boil water and add pasta. Once the list we can now fill the cannelloni. To fill put the dough into a base and add a tablespoon over the mixture from the pan, try that is firmly stuffed cannelloni but allows us close. Do the same with all cannelloni we have.

Then put the cannelloni in a bowl and add the bechamel (in our case and we bought made, buts you can always prepare at home) and grated cheese, Also put some butter on top with cheese.

And finally once the oven is hot place the source cannelloni, the left until browned to your liking.

When they are ready we add to the cannelloni over some oregano, chopped. And lastly we serve dishes and enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed our new recipe, remember that ham and cheese the other will find in our deli.

Recipes for Fall

It was autumn and we take the blog today published two recipes ideal for this time of year. There are two simple recipes to prepare and very rich.

In the first recipe use mushrooms season, at this time of year we have to enjoy this product. For the recipe mix the mushrooms with ham.

Mushrooms with Ham

1 Tray mushrooms
200 grs. From diced Iberico ham.
Two cloves of garlic.
Cayenne pepper
Salt and olive oil.

The first thing to do is clean the mushrooms. Pass under the tap to remove grit that can often have and cut the stem. After the chop at will, in sheets or blocks.
We heat oil in a skillet over low heat, more or less three or four tablespoons of olive oil. Garlic cloves peeled and chopped into small pieces. Once ready we add them to the pan when the oil is hot.
When the garlic is golden, add ham tacos. Mix the garlic and ham with a wooden spatula while it goes doing.
Finally add the remaining ingredients, parsley and cayenne pepper (half cayenne and take some spiciness, but if you want more is added sparingly to taste). Stir everything and add the mushrooms.
Salted mushrooms and stir while simmering are doing everything until the water from the mushrooms has evaporated and they are ready.
Have explained the recipe with mushrooms, but this same dish can do it with mushrooms, mushrooms is replaced by mushrooms and ready.


To use the second recipe as a product of pumpkin season. These weeks are many, and are decorated in Halloween. The pumpkin we do with gorgonzola and walnuts.

Grilled Pumpkin with gorgonzola and walnutsCalabaza con Gorgonzola Xarcuteria Garciz
6 pumpkin slices (Peanut Pumpkin is perfect for this dish)
2 Onions
3 whole nuts
Queso Gorgonzola (or blue cheese if you prefer)
2 tablespoons evaporated milk or cream
Up, olive oil

First peel the onion and cut into strips, or put it in a pan to fry over low heat with a little oil and a pinch of salt. We leave it to simmer for about 20 minutes, almost until it begins to caramelize. To caramelize the onions we continue to simmer until caramelized and itself, or speed it up by adding 1/2 spoonful of sugar 1/2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar. We continue cooking until the caramel.
While the onions do, we cut the pumpkin into slices, of less than 1 cm thick, and remove the skin, We can cut them into rectangles in the round. Salted pumpkin slices on both sides.
Then in a pan, or an electric iron, put a drop of oil and we grilled pumpkin. It must be made but consistent, that will not break the touch. A few minutes on each side.
Finally prepare cheese, this mix to a 5 tablespoons Gorgonzola with a little evaporated milk or cream, heat it slightly in a saucepan or skillet to melt a little and unify all.
Once we have prepared the cheese on each slice put a teaspoon of pumpkin and caramelized onions covered with gorgonzola cream and decorate with walnut half.

We hope you liked the Haya of these recipes, remember that the Iberian Ham and Gorgonzola cheese can find those in our Xarcuterias Delicatessen

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How to keep ham and cold cuts


Today on our blog we want to give some tips to keep a piece of ham or sausage pieces at home. Since many times in our deli we ask yourselves what is the best way to conserve.

As we all know or Iberian ham is a product palette to savor, so it is important to maintain their standard of taste, aroma and texture once opened. A good trick to keep a piece of ham or shoulder is to book a long slices of bacon fat or the piece itself, not too thick for them to conform, these slices and cover with the cut. With this will prevent the ham from drying out and, at the same time, keep the scent to cover with a piece of it.

And then the piece should be covered with a cotton cloth or the mesh, thus less moisture and oxygen enter our ham and his court will not look upset or appearance or taste. The best place to keep the piece is in a cool, dry place, away from any source of moisture. His ideal space would be a pantry or cellar, or any space that has a temperature between 20 and 22 ° C.


For the conservation of cold cuts as: cane Iberian loin, chorizo ​​or sausage must have certain things in mind. It is important to keep skin Product, in no case should be removed all the skin, only what you eat. The pieces of sausage SHOULD be stored in a cool dry place, pantry is ideal. And should always seal the cut with a plastic film and can also be wrapped with a cotton cloth.


We hope you find them useful all these tips.

Asado con Jamón Ibérico Rape

Today we want to give a recipe for this weekend. As you see it is a mix of land and sea so inviting for these summer days.

The angler fish is a firm flesh that is going famously ham, as the ham gives an extra flavor and protects the fish in the oven to prevent drying. Besides the rape is a white fish that contains high biological value protein and little fat, and as we discussed in previous blog entries, Iberian ham is a low calorie meat, lowers cholesterol and is rich in many kinds of vitamins.

Ingredients 4 people:

  • 1 kg of rape glue
  • Up, thyme and pepper
  • 100 g of Iberian ham sliced ​​thin
  • 50 g of dried tomatoes
  • 40 g black olives deshuesadas
  • 200 g mixed salad leaves
  • 1 glass of white wine
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil

Iberian ham and white wine it can find in our Xarcuterías-Delicatessen.

Preparation: (time:50 minutes)

First we remove the skin from the monkfish tail and separate the two spines of the backbone using a sharp kitchen knife.

Prepare the tomato paste and olives, and for this hydrate dried tomatoes during 30 minutes in a bowl with hot water. After it is drained well and grind with black olives to obtain a dense and fine paste.

Once we have the tomato paste and olives we handed out on the backs of rape, the salt and pepper and sprinkle with the thyme leaves a.

Then wrap the loin of monkfish with slices of ham, and you are ready to roast in the oven.

We introduce the monkfish in the oven, preheated 180 °C, for about 10 minutes. After this time you water with white wine and proceeded to cook for 10 minutes.

Over time and with the already well-roasted monkfish, remove from the oven and cut the monkfish tails into thin slices.

We place the slices of monkfish, very hot, on plates, can accompany a varied slices and season salad with a few drops of olive oil and sprinkle with a sprig of fresh thyme.

We hope you enjoyed the recipe and that may be able to enjoy good company and a good white wine.

Enjoying the summer.

Travelling the world Hand Ham

MALETA VIAJE XARCUTERIA GARCIZEstamos en julio, época de vacaciones y viajes.

Y hoy en nuestro blog queremos viajar por el mundo de la mano del Jamón.

El jamón ibérico ha traspasado fronteras, y actualmente lo podemos encontrar en muchos comercios de alto standing de Europa, América y Japón. El jamón con DO españolas se codea con grandes delicadezas culinarias del mundo como el foiegras, el caviar o las trufas.

En Londres se puede encontrar en los famosos almacenes Harrod’s; en Paris en las Galerías La Fayette; en Japón en la cadena gourmet Kinokuniya y en China en el centro comercial Great Food Hall (uno de los centros comerciales más exclusivos del mundo).

También en muchos restaurantes de Estados Unidos, Argentina, Brasil, México, Costa Rica y el Salvador, entre otros, se puede encontrar en su carta el jamón ibérico.

Según la cocinera Paulette Tejada (Miami) “El jamón está siendo un boom en Estados Unidos, se están abriendo muchos restaurantes españoles y todos apuestan por el jamón ibérico.” Es un ejemplo de cómo el jamón se ve como el producto icono y el que mejor representa nuestra gastronomía.


Esperamos que os haya gustado esta vuelta al mundo con el jamón. Y si tenéis la suerte de viajar por estos países, recordar que podréis seguir disfrutando de este manjar.


Melon with ham

Hoy os queremos hablar del melón con jamón, un entrante perfecto para estos días de verano.

Posee un mezcla de dulce y salado que despierta nuestro paladar, hace que podamos disfrutar de los nutrientes que ambos tienen y se potencian estando juntos.

Ambos productos se complementan, ya que la grasa del jamón colabora en la absorción de los carotenos y vitaminas del melón. Y la vitamina C de la fruta permite asimilar mejor el hierro del jamón. Y en cuanto a la combinación de sabores, el dulce del melón queda perfectamente resaltado con el salado del jamón.

Además de vitamina C, carotenos, vitamina A, agua y fibra del melón, en este aperitivo también podemos encontrar hierro, proteínas de buena calidad, grasas saludables en su mayoría monoinsaturadas, sodio, potasio y fósforo que derivan del jamón.

This dish of ham and melon is a healthy combination of foods without a lot of calories and beneficial nutrients, and can become a quality starter.

Scrambled beans with ham

Another easy and very good recipe is what we propose today,
also have our secret ingredient: Jamón Ibérico
Scrambled beans with ham
Ingredients for four people:
-800g. Small Beans
-2 from 3 cloves of garlic
-medium onion
-4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
-2 from 3 slices of ham
-2 eggs -1 bay leaf
-a little of water (less than half a glass)
The ham can find it in our Xarcuterías-Delicatessen
Prepare the beans short ends and the strands of the edges are removed, then minced and washed.
Garlic cloves are laminated, and left them in a pan with oil. While the onion cut into strips.
And once to brown the garlic we add the chopped onion to the pan. When everything is golden, add the beans
to the pan to brown, recalling that they release some water.
While they can begin to beat the two eggs. Once fried you add a little water,
barely cover. And the bay leaf. When the liquid is reduced, chop the ham and add it,
integrating all well.
Next add the two beaten eggs, removing all, so that it is well integrated.
And finally we serve at home.
'Sure, the likes!
Harnessing the weekend to prepare these delicious dishes that I've been recommending to our blog.
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