And, Cular o Vela

This week we love each other talk about sausages, but focus on its development, origin or taste. This time we differentiate between different sausages in form or presentation.

We often see that the same product, such as sausage or salami, we find it in different ways: and, vela o cular. And sometimes we do not understand very well the difference, since the same mark is found in different ways. Today I want to clarify a little more this classification of sausages.


In this way we always find a small diameter sausage-shaped "U". Its size is usually between 34-40 mm, is a sausage made of one piece and its ends are connected with a rope, to facilitate that we may hang, shaping horseshoe.


It is how we will find larger inlay, as the pieces typically weigh between 800 and 1.200 grams. It is cylindrical and straight but irregular, due to the shape of the natural casing, this casing is usually very thick which makes your healing time is longer. Are the largest guns, more than 40 mm. And it is the most typical variety of cold cuts.


The sausage-shaped candle is very similar to par-, since both are straight but is narrower gauge, between 30-40 mm, typically have a length of about 40 cm approximately. By having this way the healing process is less. Its name comes from the similarity with a candle or a candle, both are closely and long. Usually it is already found in slices.

Sausage or salami: and, circular or sailing What you like most?

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