Sachichón rolls stuffed Vic and Manchego Cheese

Today I want to give a fresh and simple recipe to prepare, ideal for these summer days.

This time the star ingredient is the sausage of Vic, which is the product of the week in our deli.


Pepperoni rolls stuffed Vic and Manchego Cheese


Ingredients 4 people:

-125 grs. flour

-3 eggs

-1/4 the de leche

-150 grs. queso manchego cured the semicurado (to taste)

-100 grs. Vic salami

-1 bag recula

-1 Greek yogurt

-olive oil



Remember that both the salami and cheese you can find in our four facilities.



Prepared first mass, for it in the blender mix eggs, milk and flour and add a pinch of salt.

Once prepared the dough let rest for half an hour.

After this time in a pan over low heat with a few drops of oil, pour two to three tablespoons of the dough. The extend into the pan and let it brown on both side (Carefully flip).

The withdraw from the pan and leave a dishtowel warm dough.

Finally we prepare the roll, cut the dough into strips about four inches high.

In each strip we deal inside Greek yogurt, recoils leaves, cheese cut into cubes and slices of salami, and irrigate a whole thread of oil.

We wind strips and prick each with a stick so that the rolls are not open and serve.

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