Recipes: Black pudding

These days we have spoken of the sausages and greaves because of carnival. Today we want to give a recipe that has as ingredient the sausage, to continue enjoying this special sausage.

As we know the sausage is a local sausage of Catalonia and its area of ​​influence (Islands, C. Valencia, Murcia…), It is made from minced pork seasoned with pepper and other spices.

The sausages as I already had that we can find in many flavors, but both are classic black and white sausage. The black sausage, which is what we will use in the recipe d today, It is made from lean meat and fat and pig's blood, while white is made only lean meat.

Today we use the black pudding for our recipe, but it is noteworthy that many recipes that can be found as an ingredient carry the sausage, especially in Catalonia, for example: Catalan beans, eggs Catalan, the Catalan escudilla, rice to ampurdanesa, the sausage with níscalos…

Today's recipe is an easy entree prepared and very good, Packages with Black Sausage.

And we can accompany black sausage with pine nuts or apple, we will give both recipes so you can make both ways.

-Bags black sausage with pine nuts:


1 Wafers package empanadilla

Black sausage




First remove the skin from the sausage, cut it into pieces and heat it a few minutes to work better with it (we can heat the pan or microwave). Then add the pine nuts and mix well with a fork and season

Then we extend the wafers and put a little of the mixture in the center of each, brush with beaten egg around the wafer. We closed sachet shaping and re-spread again with beaten egg. We put all the bags in a Fueste or tray and put it in the oven at 180 degrees until golden brown, about 10 the 15 minutes.

-Bags black sausage with apple


1 Wafers package empanadilla

Black sausage




First remove the skin from the sausage, and in a pan with a little oil , fry apple into small pieces, Color lame when we add the sausage skinless and mix well.
Once it is mixed, extend wafers and put on each wafer enough out, brush with beaten egg around the wafer. We closed sachet shaping and re-spread again with beaten egg. We put all the bags in a Fueste or tray and put it in the oven at 180 degrees until golden brown, about 10 the 15 minutes.

We hope you enjoyed today's recipe.


Today is Maundy Thursday, better known as Dijous Gras, also known as "tortilla Day" or "Day of the egg and pork". It is the beginning of the celebrations of Carnival, and one of its features is that it always falls on the new moon. The tradition of this day is to eat tortillas and eggs mixed with meat, but it is also tradition to eat egg sausage and coca de chicharrones.

In today's post I want to talk of chicharrones also typical of this era, since in the previous post I talked about the sausages.

Los crackling, as known in Catalonia greaves, become compacted and then frying the pork pieces remaining after removal of fat, so remain as laminitis and crispy golden. Usually sold by weight in the deli. They can be eaten alone or used, for example, for sweet or savory kinks. On the feast of San Juan and Thursday Fatty llardons the Coke consumed, which are kinks greaves, pine nuts and sugar.[] We can also find greaves as an ingredient in some sausages egg or some tordilla at Carnival time.

Last year we explain how to Recipe Tortilla Thursday Landeros, we leave the link if you urge to do this year.

In our deli ye shall find.

The sausage

We started the month of February, and with a cold but full month of celebrations. In February we celebrate the day of love and one of the most fun holidays of the year the Carnival, and for these celebrations we want to prepare drawings, blog entries and some recipes.

The first entry of the month we spend the Carnival, and more specifically to a product that can not miss on this date: the sausages.

The sausage is a fresh sausage with its origins in Catalonia. It is made with minced pork seasoned with salt, pepper and, Occasionally, some spice. The sausage we can find fresh or cooked.

Today I want to talk about the sausages cooked, are a type of sausage you do not need cooking or heating. Usually typically eat sliced, although you may also find them in many dishes and stews, such as black and white sausage on the typical escudilla and stews. We can also find the white sausages, Black and egg cooked in tortillas butifarras.

Within cooked sausages come in many flavors, the best known are the only white sausage made with lean meat; the black sausage that is made with a combination of lean meat and pig's blood; and egg sausage made with lean meat and egg. The latter is the typical sausage Carnival.

But over the last few years have been introducing many more flavors to the list of sausages cooked, as the sausage: egg with spinach; egg with asparagus; aubergine; egg and artichoke; egg with onion and leg; egg with bacon; egg with blue cheese; egg and sausage ...., without forgetting our favorite sausage Ham.

In our deli and you can find all this variety of flavored sausages, from classic to the most innovative.


Today we take we have raffled a Raclette to explain its origin and how to enjoy this fantastic dish.

The Raclette is a typical dish from Switzerland, more specifically in the canton of Valais (Switzerland). Its main ingredient is the raclette cheese, and he is joined potatoes, sausages and pickles. Durante estos últimos años se ha popularizado mucho y a traspasando las fronteras suizas.

Its origin is in the meals of the Swiss shepherd, that approached the cheese to a bonfire in which roasted potatoes, and when the cheese was melted as it scraped spread over the potatoes and accompanied it with a piece of sausage. And his raclette name comes from the verb in French racler, which means scratching, indicating what the shepherds were originally.

Currently this dish is cooked with an electrical appliance of the same name, Elastic Raclettes, having a plate surface, and a space at the bottom to place small individual trays in which melted cheese.

Its main ingredient is the Raclette cheese, is a Swiss cheese made from raw milk cow with a maturity of three to six months, we usually find in large circular pieces about a foot in diameter and a height around six inches, weighing about five kilos. One of its features is that from milking to the process of obtaining Cheese, should not spend more than eighteen hours. Its crust is firm and orange and its interior is similar to a soft yellow paste, pronounced odor notes having. Currently it is easy to find as many establishments prepared trays with small slices or envelopes packaged ready for use, avoiding having to buy the piece.

But other cheese are other traditional ingredients for raclette, which are: roasted potatoes or cooked, the various sausages, from sausage to bacon, tender meat cut into strips and pickles to accompany. Vegetables are also good companions for raclette: tomatoes, courgettes, asparagus and peppers provide a good complement to the meat and sausage for this dish.

We hope you enjoyed our new entry, and if you want to enjoy this dish in our establishment you will find its main ingredient: Raclette cheese.

Cheeses of the world

Our first entry 2015 we want to devote to Cheese, a product that we love and that is especially important in our deli. Already in previous posts we have spoken of different types of cheese or different benefits that have, but today I want to talk about the different types of cheese that can be found worldwide, more particularly in Europe.

Europe find much variety of cheeses, because its processing based on cow's milk, goat or sheep permits can be processed anywhere in the world, from the coldest places to places warmer. Note that each type of cheese is something specific that makes it different to other, either consistency or flavor that makes each one is special.

Below we highlight the most famous cheeses: France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and England.


France is the country par excellence in the production of cheese, There is a cult of cheese and processing that allows them to boast of being one of the leading producers in the world. Produce more than 400 types of cheese from cow's milk, sheep and goat, high quality and variety.

Brie: It began manufacturing in the thirteenth century, the area between the Seine and the Marne River and 1968 was named king of cheeses. It is made with cow's milk and has white bark, velvety, completely edible, with the tender inner, Creamy and lactic flavor, sometimes they add spices and herbs.

Cammembert: It is made with cow's milk, has creamy paste, sweet taste, strong and aromatic with velvety white mold on the surface and a smooth texture that can be white to yellow. It was first manufactured in the XI century in the city of Cammembert, no appellation (OD) is imitated and worldwide.

Roquefort: is a unique cheese, moldy and spicy aroma, yellowish white paste, made with cow's milk or sheep, originating in the Pyrénées, characterized by having inside grayish green veins and that aspect marmolado.


Italy is a country where cheese consider national heritage, produced many varieties, from the white, creamy soft y, to strong blue cheeses. It has 30 certified varieties with Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) and in the north is the one that has the largest production.

Parmesan: one of the most famous cheeses in the world, exclusive of the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Parma, Bologna, Mantua and Modena. It is made with cow's milk, is semi-fat, hard and grainy paste, aromatically intense and distinctive flavor.

Mascarpone: Cool and creamy cheese, the pasta mix, whitest color and sweet flavor and slightly acid like butter. It comes from Lombardy, is made with cow's milk, and it is produced and consumed almost exclusively in the cold season, because it becomes rancid very easily. With him the famous Tiramisu is made.

Mozzarella: milk cheese buffalo native of southern Italy, which is prepared with the system of spun paste. It is currently produced commercially from cow's milk, but loses its typical aroma, its flavor is mild, anything spicy, soft and pure white paste, and is eaten fresh.


Netherlands richer cheeses in the world is produced since medieval times producing, has different varieties and today can be found in any market in the five continents.

Gouda: It was first produced in the seventeenth century and is originally from the city of the same name. Made from cow's milk, is soft, creamy, eyes, semi-hard and when ripe pulp flavor is stronger and more consistent texture. It is used grated, fillings and sauces.

Execution: semi-hard cheese made from cow's milk which is characterized by its spherical shape and tinged with crimson and shell wrapped in paraffin. It is similar to Gouda but with less fat, compact paste, yellowish color and flavor not too strong, its origin is in the small town of Edam, walking distance to Amsterdam.

Massdam: is a cheese made from cow's milk, the semi-hard type with a creamy consistency and its peculiar taste sweet fruits and nuts, hard crust, large holes and is perfect for eating it melted on toast.


Switzerland has a huge variety of hard cheeses, Soft, Alpine, Rosette-forming, Striped and cast. Produce more 430 varieties spread to all corners, and possess 1300 dairies across the country (that do not close all year because they have an obligation to make cheese with fresh milk).

Gruyère: Jumbo cheeses. Its origin is in Gruyère, where it is made from the fourteenth century with cow, It is fine paste, tender and buttery, and often confused with Emmental for their rugged bark, sweet-spicy flavor and its interior with holes. It is used for fondue.

Emmental: is an alpine cheese, from the valley of the Emme River, made with cow's milk, semi-hard, high fat, dry appearance, golden yellow to brown, resistant shell and round eyes inside. Its flavor is somewhat acidic and fruity aroma.

Sbrinz: considered one of the oldest cheeses produced in Lucerne, in the central part of Switzerland, is made with cow's milk and is characterized by its semi hard cheese and intense flavor, similar to Gruyere but to scratch. It is also used for grilling or as an appetizer with grapes, nuts and bread.

Squeegee: is a processed cheese to be melted. It is made for centuries in the region of Valais with fresh or pasteurized milk of cows fed natural pastures. It has a clean taste, soft and slightly acidic, reddish brown bark and thin dough pale yellow to ivory.


England cheese making dates back to the sixteenth century, but it was during the latter 30 years came the great revolution, appeared new artisan cheeses and greatly increased the quality. Nowadays, produce more than 350 cheeses and are not just cows but also from goats and sheep.

Cheddar: the most imitated and produced the world cheese, comes from the village of Cheddar and believed that appeared in the late sixteenth century. It is made with cow's milk semi-cured, hard or semi-hard cheese white or yellow and the bark can be equal to the inside or be colored orange or red wax layer.

Stillton: is a blue cheese made from cow's milk and moldy crust, pasta white or orange and strictly artisan production, in England is called the king of cheeses and takes its name from the city of Cambridgeshire.

Today I have wanted to highlight a few, but we know that there are more countries and more important that we mention cheese, but we wanted to choose the best known.

We hope you enjoyed our entry, and remember that in our deli you can find a great assortment of all cheeses, whether national or international.

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Leg of lamb Iberian and aromas of herbs

The recipe for this week is also dedicated to these foods are close, we believe it is a good dish for Christmas Day:

Leg of lamb Iberian and aromas of herbs


-1 leg of lamb

-200 grs. ham

-Thyme and rosemary

-1 glass of white wine

-1 Lamb cup broth

-salt and black pepper


-olive oil


To start making our plate, first mixed in a mortar or bowl: salt, black pepper, parsley and olive oil, Once we made secluded mix.

Then we cut the ham, a parata cut it into strips or chunks and elsewhere in taquitos.

In a bowl place the lamb leg and make a few cuts, these cuts put the ham cut into strips. The rest of the ham cut into cubes put it over the surface of the leg of lamb.

Once you have placed the leg ham sprinkle with the ready mix, and add the thyme and rosemary. Then also pour the wine and broth of lamb.

When the oven temperature already have, Jan source put the oven first large temperature and once we see that already doing diminish the oven temperature. Leave in oven until we see who has done good meat inside.

Finally we serve the severed leg, and salt it more if we see the need.

We hope you like our new recipe, and that you enjoy holiday meals.

Vegetable Cannelloni with Iberian ham.

This week in our blog will give you another prescription for these days of Christmas.

Every year for San Esteban in Catalonia are prepared in every house cannelloni, and so today I want to give a different cannelloni recipe:

Vegetable Cannelloni with Iberian ham.

Ingredients (to 6 people)

-1 package 12 cannelloni

-300 gr. mushroom

-200 gr. Spinach

-Mascarpone cheese

-grated parmesan cheese and grana padano

-1 leek

-1 onion



-prepared bechamel


-chopped oregano

-virgin olive oil

-100 gr. Iberian ham


To begin our plate first thing we have to do is wash and chop all vegetables, is convenient to do so in very small pieces. We also take and cut the ham into small pieces, almost chopped.

Once we cut to heat a pan with the oil and when it starts to warm add the vegetables and let them fry until well done.

Once done add the vegetables to the pan and sliced ​​ham are, with a spatula to give a few laps. Then add the mascarpone cheese, what makes our taste, and mix everything.

Prepare pasta cannelloni, for this we boil water and add pasta. Once the list we can now fill the cannelloni. To fill put the dough into a base and add a tablespoon over the mixture from the pan, try that is firmly stuffed cannelloni but allows us close. Do the same with all cannelloni we have.

Then put the cannelloni in a bowl and add the bechamel (in our case and we bought made, buts you can always prepare at home) and grated cheese, Also put some butter on top with cheese.

And finally once the oven is hot place the source cannelloni, the left until browned to your liking.

When they are ready we add to the cannelloni over some oregano, chopped. And lastly we serve dishes and enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed our new recipe, remember that ham and cheese the other will find in our deli.

Crispy Ham, goat cheese and strawberry jam.

This December, month of holidays, meals, price, gifts, and meals with friends and family. So we want to spend our blog throughout this month at different recipes can prepare meals these days. Because we want to be present at your table with our products, but also with our recipes.

To begin with we give a simple and very rich. It is a fact incoming ham, goat cheese and strawberry jam:

Our starter:

Crispy ham, goat cheese and strawberry jam

Ingredients (for four people)

4 sheets of phyllo dough (or puff pastry).

4 slices of ham.

4 slices of cheese goat cheese about four millimeters thick.

2 tablespoons strawberry jam.

Olive oil extra virgen.


For our entree we first place the philo dough folded in half (to be double), and placed in the center of the dough slice of ham also folded in half in book form, within Ham put the goat cheese.

Once we put the cheese, double the philo dough wrapping the ham and cheese like a pack.

We put plenty of olive oil to heat and can also put heat the jam to make it lighter when add, necesarioa if we add a few drops of water.

When the oil is hot fry philo dough packages one by one. To fry the better we can put up with the skimmer, and once the part has been placed crease Ayúdate crisp us also the skimmer to fry the top of the package. But do not let it brown too package, because the ham will become much and salty again.

We took the package from the pan and let it done on absorbent kitchen paper to remove excess oil.

We repeat the same operation with the other three packages crispy ham.

Once we have all of them and habiéndolos left on the paper towel for a while, put them in a pan or dish. With the warm strawberry jam paint the crispy ham and goat cheese.

And finally we serve at the table.

We hope you enjoyed our recipe. And remember that you can find the main ingredients in our deli.

The hope!!

Recipes for Fall

It was autumn and we take the blog today published two recipes ideal for this time of year. There are two simple recipes to prepare and very rich.

In the first recipe use mushrooms season, at this time of year we have to enjoy this product. For the recipe mix the mushrooms with ham.

Mushrooms with Ham

1 Tray mushrooms
200 grs. From diced Iberico ham.
Two cloves of garlic.
Cayenne pepper
Salt and olive oil.

The first thing to do is clean the mushrooms. Pass under the tap to remove grit that can often have and cut the stem. After the chop at will, in sheets or blocks.
We heat oil in a skillet over low heat, more or less three or four tablespoons of olive oil. Garlic cloves peeled and chopped into small pieces. Once ready we add them to the pan when the oil is hot.
When the garlic is golden, add ham tacos. Mix the garlic and ham with a wooden spatula while it goes doing.
Finally add the remaining ingredients, parsley and cayenne pepper (half cayenne and take some spiciness, but if you want more is added sparingly to taste). Stir everything and add the mushrooms.
Salted mushrooms and stir while simmering are doing everything until the water from the mushrooms has evaporated and they are ready.
Have explained the recipe with mushrooms, but this same dish can do it with mushrooms, mushrooms is replaced by mushrooms and ready.


To use the second recipe as a product of pumpkin season. These weeks are many, and are decorated in Halloween. The pumpkin we do with gorgonzola and walnuts.

Grilled Pumpkin with gorgonzola and walnutsCalabaza con Gorgonzola Xarcuteria Garciz
6 pumpkin slices (Peanut Pumpkin is perfect for this dish)
2 Onions
3 whole nuts
Queso Gorgonzola (or blue cheese if you prefer)
2 tablespoons evaporated milk or cream
Up, olive oil

First peel the onion and cut into strips, or put it in a pan to fry over low heat with a little oil and a pinch of salt. We leave it to simmer for about 20 minutes, almost until it begins to caramelize. To caramelize the onions we continue to simmer until caramelized and itself, or speed it up by adding 1/2 spoonful of sugar 1/2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar. We continue cooking until the caramel.
While the onions do, we cut the pumpkin into slices, of less than 1 cm thick, and remove the skin, We can cut them into rectangles in the round. Salted pumpkin slices on both sides.
Then in a pan, or an electric iron, put a drop of oil and we grilled pumpkin. It must be made but consistent, that will not break the touch. A few minutes on each side.
Finally prepare cheese, this mix to a 5 tablespoons Gorgonzola with a little evaporated milk or cream, heat it slightly in a saucepan or skillet to melt a little and unify all.
Once we have prepared the cheese on each slice put a teaspoon of pumpkin and caramelized onions covered with gorgonzola cream and decorate with walnut half.

We hope you liked the Haya of these recipes, remember that the Iberian Ham and Gorgonzola cheese can find those in our Xarcuterias Delicatessen

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Benefits of Cheese for Health

Last week on our blog we told you about the different types of cheese there. And today I want to talk also of cheeses, but this time the benefits of having cheese for health.

Cheese is one of the most important foods in a complete and balanced diet, It is very nutritious and provides essential calcium and protein. As derived from milk is an important source of calcium for our organism, but the calcium content varies with the type of cheese. Cheese is essential in the daily diet, especially for growth during childhood and adolescence and is highly recommended for menopausal women and elderly people.

As we know for processing water is removed from milk, so is the perfect cheese milk concentrate and contains as main components protein, vitamins, mineral salts and easily digestible fat. Virtually all the benefits of cheese for health are possible thanks to its rich calcium content.

But not all cheeses are equal and give us the same benefits, such as hard cheeses are rich in calcium and phosphorus, while more fatty cheese varieties have more vitamin A, and soft cheeses are a great source of B vitamins. The goat cheeses are those most beneficial health properties have.

Benefits of Cheese for Health:QUESOS XARCUTERIA GARCIZ

Cheese contains all the amino acids necessary for our body to function properly.

The cheese is beneficial to bone for its high calcium content, but also cheese consumption has a positive effect in the fight against osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

Cheese not only strengthens our teeth due to the large amount of calcium has, also reduces plaque, stimulates saliva production and keep our mouth clean naturally.

The cheese contains a large amount of folic acid, thus an essential food during pregnancy.

The cheese also promotes the production of breast milk in pregnant women.

The cheese helps us to strengthen the immune system, thereby increasing our defenses.

The high content of vitamin B Cheese makes our skin healthy and look better

The cheese decreases symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Cheese is a great source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), related to the prevention of certain cancers such as colon.

Cheese is very rich in protein, so it helps to form and recover the body mass which makes it perfect for athletes or people who want to gain weight the healthy way food.

We hope you enjoyed today's topic. And if you want to know the dietary advantages Ham, ye can also find our blog in the last entry in April.

And remember that in our deli you can find a variety of cheeses, and as you know have many health benefits.

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