Today we take we have raffled a Raclette to explain its origin and how to enjoy this fantastic dish.

The Raclette is a typical dish from Switzerland, more specifically in the canton of Valais (Switzerland). Its main ingredient is the raclette cheese, and he is joined potatoes, sausages and pickles. Durante estos últimos años se ha popularizado mucho y a traspasando las fronteras suizas.

Its origin is in the meals of the Swiss shepherd, that approached the cheese to a bonfire in which roasted potatoes, and when the cheese was melted as it scraped spread over the potatoes and accompanied it with a piece of sausage. And his raclette name comes from the verb in French racler, which means scratching, indicating what the shepherds were originally.

Currently this dish is cooked with an electrical appliance of the same name, Elastic Raclettes, having a plate surface, and a space at the bottom to place small individual trays in which melted cheese.

Its main ingredient is the Raclette cheese, is a Swiss cheese made from raw milk cow with a maturity of three to six months, we usually find in large circular pieces about a foot in diameter and a height around six inches, weighing about five kilos. One of its features is that from milking to the process of obtaining Cheese, should not spend more than eighteen hours. Its crust is firm and orange and its interior is similar to a soft yellow paste, pronounced odor notes having. Currently it is easy to find as many establishments prepared trays with small slices or envelopes packaged ready for use, avoiding having to buy the piece.

But other cheese are other traditional ingredients for raclette, which are: roasted potatoes or cooked, the various sausages, from sausage to bacon, tender meat cut into strips and pickles to accompany. Vegetables are also good companions for raclette: tomatoes, courgettes, asparagus and peppers provide a good complement to the meat and sausage for this dish.

We hope you enjoyed our new entry, and if you want to enjoy this dish in our establishment you will find its main ingredient: Raclette cheese.

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